Back in 1886 Douglas Harry Baker began his apprenticeship in Barnet, after four years becoming qualified. In 1900 he opened his own store in Norwich trading under the name of "D.H. Baker Watchermaker, Jewellery and Optician" which remained there until 1911.

Douglas Harry Baker outside his Geraldton store in 1911

Douglas Harry Baker 1869 - 1938

D.H.Baker Jeweller-Watchmaker-Engraver

 In 1911 Douglas, along with his family, moved to Geraldton where they opened a store in Marine Terrace. Douglas Harry Baker passed away in 1938 in Geraldton.  

Douglas Hubert Baker started his apprenticeship in 1924 under his father Douglas Harry. Douglas Hubert and his wife moved to Northam where he managed a jewellery store and saw the birth of their first child, David Leon Baker.

Douglas Hubert Baker

Leon Baker & his father in their Northam Store in 1954

Douglas Hubert Baker at the Freemasons hotel Geraldton 1935

Northam store 1959

 After moving to Bunbury and the birth of their daughter, Douglas Hubert and his wife moved back to Northam in 1940 where they opened their own store. Douglas Hubert Baker passed away in 1966 in Northam. 

Continuing the family tradition, David Leon Baker also completed his apprenticeship under his father which saw David do a tour around Australia and finally opening a store in Merredin. After marrying his wife and exciting 12 years of opening four stores throughout Country WA and having four daughters, the early 1970's saw David and his wife sell all four stores and have a four year break from the industry.

David Leon Baker and his parents

David Leon Baker 1964

Leon Baker Watch making

David Leon Baker

 After moving back to Geraldton, this became a base for opening yet another four stores in Country WA again.

Fast forward to 2015, Leon Baker Jewellers are now down to the one location of Geraldton. David Leon Baker sold the business to his daughter Elise ( baker )  and her husband Shain Forth in 2008 who are now continuing the tradition of a family run and operated Jewellers.

The New Face of the Store in 2021

Shain Forth carrying on the tradition of in-store custom made fine jewellery

The Company Now Encompasses Two Businesses

In early 2022 Leon Baker Jewellers got a chance to return to the Australian Wheatbelt. 
Purchasing a shopfront in Merredin Leon Baker Jewellers is gearing up to return to the birth region of the company and remake its mark in the South West.