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Coral Bay Collection

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Design Your Own Coral Bay Collection
Choose your desired Design from the catalogue. Items are organized to appear in the order they appear in catalogue.
We need to know a ring size for accurate sizing and to ensure optimal fit. If ring size is unknown we can organize a disposable sizer to be sent to you.
Choose the metal/s you would like your design and accessories to be made in.
If you would like to add any charms from the catalogue let us know.
This will help us position any charm/s and make sure that our jewellers are working on the Style and design that you want.
Let us know if you would like a pearl with your chosen style. Pearls are positioned to be the central focus point unless told otherwise (See additional notes below).
For this catalogue we use 2-2.5mm natural round stones set in a bezel setting. If something else is desired please add details to the additional notes below.
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